House at the River's Mouth

Built on the site of an in-efficient and unsightly house of the 1970’s, this new home design is heavily regulated by Local and State authorities. However the location and view is amazing! The comings and goings of a small port are easily monitored and stepping off the south lawn has you on a beautiful, sandy beach. The orientation, along with advanced insulation and air source heat pump technology, makes this house extremely energy efficient, while remaining visually stylish. A desirable abode for a young family to grow old in.

House on Harbor

Looking over a picturesque harbor with its own beach to the south, and offshore islands to the south-east, this 7000 sf “Shingle Style” home was designed to enhance the life of a small family, while accommodating frequent house guests, parties and art collection.

House on Atlantic Beach

This award winning, 5000 sf, “Traditional New England” style home was an extensive remodel within a restrictive coastal zone and is very close to the ocean. Fabulous views of the beach and harbor entrance form a backdrop to this eclectic home full of high-tech appointments.

House on the Beach

Nestled among classic New England beach cottages, this “home away from home” provides the comfort for retired grandparents with enough diversions to entertain the grandchildren. Step through the back gate on to the white sandy beach. Second floor living, with elevator for long term accessibility, gives uninterrupted views of the surf and Atlantic Ocean beyond. Garden activities are focused around the pool. A true family retreat.

House on Ocean Ledge

Nor’easters pound their powerful waves on to the rock ledge below this stately, traditional home. Designed to be the compound of a Boston family, the ocean provides both drama and tranquility to this setting.

House on Cliff

Sitting atop a 100' cliff this 7800 sf home faces the sun and a large, very beautiful bay in Australia. The house wraps around a swimming pool courtyard and embraces the outdoor life in a temperate climate.

House Set Back from the Ocean

A 4800 sf “Shingle Style Gambrel" is slightly distant from the ocean but still maintains dramatic views. The center of the family’s activities over summer, this home accommodates the times of quiet contemplation, and the hurly-burly of young grandchildren.

Horse Barn

Although primarily a functional structure, it sits on the crest of a hill overlooking grazing fields and accommodates stalls, turn-outs, wash-down, machinery storage, as well as a very comfortable, fully appointed apartment.

Peace Sign House

Establishing a new and exciting design paradigm, this 6000 sf, “New England Bungalow Style” home has three “wings” set as spokes of a wheel to accommodate perfect, seasonal, solar alignment. As a result the primary rooms are bathed in sunlight year round, with the surrounding forest feeling as part of the core of the house.