Brendan McNamara, Residential Designer, principally operates on the coast of New England; however, he has projects across the United States of America and South Eastern Australia. Brendan’s specialty and professional focus is Residential Architecture and he is thoroughly versed in creative solutions tailored to the needs and desires of his clients.

Brendan’s “design approach” is based around a set of guiding principals. The most apparent being the preeminence of the site and how to take advantage of the daily passage of the sun, view, vegetation and contours of the land. This in context of the best approaches of energy efficiency and sustainability through long term durability. These conditions are coupled with how the clients live, and how their lifestyles can be enhanced.

Brendan’s longstanding attention to functional beauty has many of his exteriors reminiscent of the local vernacular. Having a life long passion and involvement with yachts (including a five year stint living aboard), Brendan’s interiors tend toward the marine in feel, with integrated cabinetry and storage space incorporated as part of the whole house.

The hallmarks of a Brendan McNamara Design are casual elegance, cheerful light-filled rooms, exquisite attention to detail, imaginative use of space, and most importantly, an enduring quality design.