Brendan McNamara

A native of Melbourne, Australia, Brendan, brings to Residential Design an unusual combination of talent, experience, and diverse interests.

The youngest of a talented family of five, Brendan initially pursued an Engineering and later a Psychology Degree at Melbourne University, but interest in academic pursuits waned after meeting and marrying his New Hampshire, U.S.A., born wife, Sue. A year of living in the northeastern United States left Brendan gripped in a passion for New England Architecture. Fortuitously, years spent as a youth building racing yachts with his father, supporting his University education through working in the Building Industry, and a natural ability to accumulate knowledge, left Brendan able to enter the Residential Construction Industry. Brendan has worked as Concreter, Framer, Trim Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Wood Carver, Tiler, was Principal Designer and Construction Manager of two Building Companies, (one large, one small), until finally able to focus on his true love of Residential Design.

Brendan is possessed of a unique skill to incorporate the disparate elements of Design Concept, Construction Documentation and the co-ordination of the Design/Construction Team, comprising Designer, Client, Builder and Sub-contractors. An important element of Brendan’s involvement in Construction Projects is to ensure the Clients and Contractors are confident in the nature, intent and realization of the project.

A passionate pursuer of his interests, Brendan has been enthralled with the desire to design and build the finest of furniture and houses, to gallop and jump horses, make sailboats go as fast as possible, to ride the “perfect wave”, and to explore the world via the oceans.

In 1995, after three years of exhaustive labor to re-design and re-build their 55'Cruising Sailboat, Brendan and Sue left Australia on a two-year voyage to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S.A. They traveled via the Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Japan, Alaska, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Cuba, and the Bahamas. Fate and a busy economy had the McNamara's resettling close to Sue’s family. Brendan operates his Residential Design business and lives with his wife and family in Eliot, Maine.

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